Free stuff for shopping locally

Arizona medical marijuana patients are getting treated like royalty recently. If you are a new patient, many clubs will throw you a free pre-roll or a medible of some sort simple for making your first purchase at their club. Here’s a few places that’ll make sure you want to return next time you’re in need.

The Green House
free cookie and pre-roll with $50 purchase
623 385 1310

Health for Life
10% off first order plus a free pre-roll
480 888 0247

free pre-roll with every 8th
602 437 1645


The above offers and discussions are meant strictly for arizona medical marijuana card holders. do not illegally consume cannabis or attempt to attend the places mentioned in this article without first seeing a doctor then obtaining a medical marijuana card in the state of arizona.
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New flavors.. or just new names?

New strains are common but most often they are just inaccurately named bag strains that people didn’t know what it was when they started it. What’s happening to the world of meds today? Hopefully new clubs are doing they’re research before labeling certain meds and offering them for assistance with certain chronic medical ailments.

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Booming Business

Whether it’s the insane revenue averages of clubs around the valley, or the hype created by headlines of recent law reviews, mj is as always a very popular conversation piece. With recent operational deadlines looming over head, where are dispensaries going to find all the meds needed to remain open? Laws still seem hazy as to whether or not anyone can actually legally cultivate, with all the small one man deliver/dispensary locations every where on leafly and other sites like weedmaps, it seems impossible to stay within cultivation guidelines unless you move 25 miles away from the nearest club.

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Supplying Arizona’s Dispensaries

Make sure if you are going to think about starting a medical cannabis garden, you have an idea of where your nearest dispensary is located. This page on the arizona state gov website has all the information you would ever need to know about becoming a dispensary and delivering high quality meds legally to the public. Only consider gardening if you are 25 miles from a dispensary. Watch your personal stock to make sure you aren’t breaking any laws by keeping too much on hand at one time.

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BnB Grow

BnB Grow and BnB Smoke Shop in Mesa are the way to go if you need anything for your medicinal collections of grow supplies and smokeware. You need to stop in and talk to these guys about your next garden. If you need bulbs, hoods, fans or nutrients these guys can help you out. If they don’t have it, BnB will order it for you so that you can grow whatever it is that you have planned. Commercial or private scale gardens can benefit from doing business with BnB.

BnB Smoke Shop has plenty of high quality glass smoke supplies. They also handle the warranty for any vaporizers sold in their shop. If you take ten minutes to stop by this store, these guys will help you out.

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AZ Dispensary Locations Inspection Checklist

Registration certificates will be awarded to dispensary applicants in Arizona in August. Please check back with us as often as possible for more updates on any approvals and contact info for the locations that will soon be arriving in the valley. Support your local caregivers and natural health clinics.

Here is the dispensary inspection checklist from with a lot of key information for anyone serious about planning this process out. Pioneers be brave.

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Cannabis the Tree of Life

Over the years many opinions have come and gone about cannabis. Lets get a few things straight.

  • Cannabis is a medicine. Plain and simple. If you disagree, there’s a good chance you’ve never consumed cannabis or you didn’t come across “your” strain.
  • Cannabis and the legal production of hemp could free the U.S. of 100% of its debt.
  • Marijuana isn’t addicting, it’s the state of being at peace with your problems and emotions that is addicting. Use marijuana as a tool or medicine to increase your capabilities in this life and bring yourself closer to inner peace. If you need to smoke everyday, do so.

Getting high allows us to gain a better understanding of our emotions. Weed has been used for a long time to help influence the truth. Bob Marley said “All these governments and this and that, these people that say they’re here to help, why them say you cannot smoke the herb? Herb… herb is a plant, you know? And when me check it, me can’t find no reason. All them say is, ‘it make you rebel’. Against what?”
That’s exactly right Mr. Marley, “against what?” What are we rebelling against? The truth is that we are bred into a society that teaches you to fall in line and be like your neighbor. We need leaders to stand up and teach people that we are here to coexist and love each other, furthering the well being of all man, not just one man or 12 men who happen to be in the captain’s chair.

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Gardening… Producing your own medicine

Have you ever considered what goes into the production, cost, and maintenance of a successful garden? These guys have the answer to the great should i grow weed question… Freedom Gardening is a private consultation group who specializes in the planning and maintenance of succesful gardens. Have someone on site or on the phone help you plan the garden of your dreams. Freedom Gardening will help you find the right tools and references to take on the exciting project of an at home garden. If you are trying to setup and organic garden, Freedom will help you with organic feeding recommendations and scheduling. They’ll explain composting. They’ll explain hydroponics, aeroponics, soil, and everything in between. Are you producing a garden that will produce food? Awesome. Freedom Gardening has your back. Call them at 602 – 492 – 5104

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Mixing Marijuana Strains

Smoking two strains at once has received mixed reviews. Over here, we’re all about it. Headache? no. Sky high? YES. Currently on one bowl of Sour Diesel and another of Sour OG from the AARCH Club. If you haven’t been, go check them out. Spectacular edibles, chill people, great variety of Meds.
arizona medicinal marijuana

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Medicinal MJ News AZ

Can’t we just all get along and burn one? Medicinal marijuana isn’t going to hurt anyone. Arizona’s med bud friendly counties are going to have a better music scene, friendlier citizens, better food, cancer patients with less pain, and so much more. Why not make every county the home of America’s favorite medicinal herb. This article from azcentral talks about Maricopa County’s recent update on dispensaries and cultivation sites.
arizona medicinal marijuana

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